I make books 3D forms and wall based artworks. I work freely with both techniques and with materials, experimenting with print, cutting and layering of paper and other materials.

I explore ideas around the tactile and the illusory, through the tensions between hand drawn marks with the suggested computer drawn marks, and how hand applied colour - pigment, yarn, crayon or dye - and whether inlaid or overlaid, interacts with the inkjet printed colour. Further marks might be added after printing, by laser cutting, or by piercing and punching – marks which erupt through the paper.

Why books? Since the early 1990's I have recorded my explorations of materials and of colour within the book form. These began with dye on cloth, and paper, later digital image, printed on to experimental substrates, whether inkjet on paper collage or thermal transfer on synthetic, heat fused collage.

A book might simply record my experience of place or time, or it might be somewhere I can 'draw out' a visual idea into a sequence, where each page becomes a fragment of the whole.

Within the covers, the coloured dyes and pigments are protected from inevitable change.

I have been exhibiting since the 1970’s, and internationally from 1992. I was awarded travel Burseries from the Arts council for several of these; China in 1997, Japan in 2002, Finland in 2005 and U.S. in 2007.