Cross Media Collaborations
2006 : Shadows
The idea is based on old autograph albums, which were kept by a stewardess who worked on the transatlantic liners in the 1930’s,

2008 : Herbal Notebook

Book one : a collaborative installation which incorporated visuals, sound and poetry. The poem is within the book, but is also recorded as part of the sound installation.


Icelandic Collaborations

A collaborative project involving visuals, sound and poetry – beginning with a residency in Iceland in 2009, and followed by ‘Icelandic Notebooks’. an ‘Off the Shelf’ event at Access Media Lab in Sheffield and Stage@Leeds.
2016 : Voice of Sea

'Voice of Sea' evolved from the collaborative 'Sea' production. The still images with Liz cashdan's words were used as a starting point





Herbal Notebook 2