HANGINGS 2000 - 2011
Inkjet pigment print on paper and silk collage, with threads, recycled elements, and batik imagery embedded within the collage. On the surface, more wax and crayon marks resist the print.
The ‘virtual’ marks and textures drawn on computer interact with hand drawn marks and patterns; hand applied colour with digital colour. The tensions between these elements create a highly complex fusion of image and surface
2011 : Crystaline hanging
2007 : Shadows Blue
2006 : Violet Through Violet
2006 : Red Through Red
2007 : Zig Zag
2005 : Labyrinth
2004 : Between
2003 : Blue on Blue
2001 : Blue near Dark
2000 : Out of Darkness

Crystalline blue



Shadows Blue

Red Through Red


Violet Through Violet





Zig Zag


Blue on Blue

Blue near dark


Out of Darkness