Line and Pattern
1988- 1991


Web & Shadow (1990)
Diamond Jazz (1988)
Crystal Jazz (1988)
Black Jazz(1988)
Vortex : 1989
Maze Screen 1991

Improvisation is an essential characteristic of creating surface pattern using wax and dye. Designs can be pre-planned on paper, but when wax lines are being drawn directly on the cloth with a canting, the paper design can only be a guide. A mistake, a line out of place is impossible to remove. I had to be ready to change the mark, or the arrangement of marks - to develop a loose way of working.

Each unit begins with a similar basic structure, then each is allowed to change. A rich, complex pattern of ever changing line, shape and motif can evolve. This non repetative designing makes each textile unique. At first glance the units, or motifs, may look alike. This way of working can be fascinating.

These artworks may appear totally abstract, but the roots of the design lie in the drawings of natural phenomena, which I continued to make. For example the many web based designs; the skeleton flowers and leaves; gems and semi precious stones; also flowing water, floating debris in water and in the air.



Web & Shadow

Crystal Jazz

Diamond Jazz

Black Jazz

Maze screen