Examples from around 1990

wax resist - Painted silk

Fibre Reactive dyes

1. 140 cm sq body wrap: silk georgette

2. 90cm sq : crepe de chine
3. 2m x 45cm long : silk georgette
8. 2m long wrap
10. 120cm sq : silk georgette
16. 90cm sq : silk georgette
18. 90cm sq : crepe de chine
19. two 70 cm square : crepe de chine
21. 90cm sq : silk georgette
22. 90cm sq : crepe de chine

Designs for the earliest scarves were developed from the various drawings from flowers, grasses, seedheads. Later, the patterns became more geometrical, as formal pattern began to interest me.

A characteristic of these scarves is one of improvisation, rather than repeat of motifs associated with print. Each mark is drawn by hand. The process does not lend itself easily to repeat as drawing of the same motif can be tedious, if not impossible to achieve. In earlier scarves, a design from a drawing might be used as a starting point, but essentially, it was drawn freehand, so although some scarves look similar, each had unique characteristics. Later, a non representational style evolved, based on line, mark and colour. In the late 1980's I made a series of geometric scarves which could be hung as wall pieces, or worn. (see hangings)
Sizes varied - from small square neckscarves, to 2 metre long floaty scarves and 140cm square wraps. Materials : Silk Habutai, Silk crepe de chine and Silk georgette.
Not every scarf was photographed. The images here were collected for publicity and for submission to exhibitions. Many more scarves exist.