Book of the Labyrinth


Book of the Labyrinth
date 2006

Size closed book 83 cm. long x 29cm.
Fully opened 166 cm long x 29 cm
Page 42.5 cm long x 29 cm

Inkjet pigment print on collage
Materials :
Paper tissue, silk, linen thread, wax, crayon. Box : wood, gesso, paper, wax

Construction : exposed spine with linked chain stitch.
Epson Ultrachrome archival inks

Each page is a conceived separately, The labyrinthine pattern interweaves through the book. This book is of 'french door construction'. It unfolds so that each half of the book face each other. Every page is different, with different embedded images, and over these different digital images are printed. When displayed horizontally, images interact as each page is opened.