'Journey' evolved from a series of images and notes made on a car journey from Sheffield in England to Helsinki in Finland.
We sailed from Newcastle to Bergen and drove over the mountains to Oslo - then on to Stockholm - sailed to Turku and then on to Helsinki. My destination was Lake Tuusula, where I spent a week working alongside around 20 other international textile artists.
Northern Fibre 6, (Wo)man and Technology was an international art workshop and related exhibition organized by the Finnish Textile Artists Association, TEXO.
I only had time to make scribble drawings, colour notes and photographs on the journey, but the week of the residential workshop allowed me to reflect, draw, and work on computer without having to think about else. The idea of a 'journey' scroll emerged during the workshop. The first drafts of the idea were printed on a large format textile printer.


The early drafts had the usual faults of darkening of overlaid colours. When I returned to the UK I worked on the design, lightening and brightening the colours.


The book exists as both a silk scroll (edition 10) and also a fold book of layered silk and tissue (edition 50).