The transparent pages create an effect where the black and silver shapes and lines appear to float in mid air rather than be part of the pages.

Pages are constructed from Polyester film and sewn together with transparent thread.




Transparence 1 has laser engraved pages


Transparence 2 and 3 combine laser engraving with dye sublimation printing on alternate pages
Transparence 1
Transparence 2

Transparence 3

The design on each page of this polyester film book is deliberately very simple. On alternate pages are laser engraved shapes which have a comparative opacity and a textural surface which contrasts both with the transparent page and the inky black printed shapes of other pages. Close up, they seem to be made of drawn silver lines. Every mark on each page can be seen because of the transparency of the page, as can the long ends of thread from the sewing of the book. Three pattern compositions are repeated through the 24 pages and combine visually into a complex, layering of a web like intertwining of line and shape. The repetition has order, yet seems tangled - reflecting the apparently chaotic growth patterns of organic matter in the natural world.

The transparent polyester film does not like to fold, and combined with the way it is sewn, the pages spring away from the spine to form a complete circle.