2016 Sea shift
2017 Sea Net
2016 Nest hung
2020 Untitled
2023 Sea Net - Blue
Each hanging is of necessity, pieced. (The lasercutter size allows up to 36cm, x 26cm.) This limitation promotes ideas for designs around repetition, and symmetry. It also allows them to fold for storage and transportation.
'Sea Net, and Sea Shift' were both made from heat lamination of tissue and each was easiy attached to the next section by fishing wire. "Untitled" was made from Lutradur non woven polyester, and attached in a similar way with linen thread to match the predominat blue colour. "Nest' posed particular problems as the paper was not strong enough for a similar method. By folding each section into three and using to layers, this was solved. However, it made each section smaller.

Nest hanging, detail

Sea net detail

Sea net - Blue, detai